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This is the beginning,

It won’t be a graduation production-we don’t graduate after we finish it

It will be a long, long journey that accompanies us in life.

In the past, few people paid attention to this, but it is a very real fact.

All kinds of negative labels for children who cannot live in their hometowns, we hope that something different will happen.

Therefore, we have carried out a year-long operation to speak out for children and friends who are also trapped in this identity

I hope that more urban aborigines will discover that one day, you will be able to use your own way (tell the truth),

Embark on the way home. And now, we want to pass on to everyone who is searching for yourself,

A courage to accompany .


















Why is it called "Run away from home tomorrow"?

When the heart desires to face the reality,

Suppress the long-term fear of not daring to escape from the comfort zone,

Made us choose to run away from home, but what I want to tell you is,

There is no absolute good or bad leaving home.

Many people are saying "Today is over today."

But going home is not small for many aboriginal youths in cities.

"I have a lot to do today",

Can you leave some time for yourself tomorrow?

Would you like to come to the scene tomorrow?
Would you like to follow us on this journey tomorrow?
Are you willing to do more for your culture tomorrow?

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